1. Should I cover my outside AC unit? | G & R Heating and Air

    Do you need an AC unit cover?

    Quite a few customers call us this time of year asking if we can order a cover for their air conditioner’s outside unit. This outside unit is also known as a condenser, and it’s a critical component of your HVAC system. However, it’s a common misconception that AC condenser covers are absolutely necessary. In some cases, they may very well be beneficial - but many experienced technicians rec…Read More

  2. What to do about a cracked heat exchanger | G & R Heating and Air

    Cracked furnace heat exchanger – what to do

    Has your furnace suddenly stopped working? Even worse, is the carbon monoxide detector in your home going off? These two signs - among others - can indicate that you may have a cracked heat exchanger in your furnace that requires immediate attention. Unfortunately, if you do have a cracked heat exchanger, the unit is not safe to operate. We highly recommend having one of our professional HVAC tech…Read More

  3. Condenser

    When to replace your furnace or AC?

    Most of the time, you won’t be planning for your AC or furnace to fail. This means that, when a full system replacement is required, it’s often unexpected by homeowners. Of course, this can lead to uncomfortable days in the home… and an irritated family! We know how frustrating it can be when that old AC just isn’t cooling the house like it should, or when your furnace gives up the ghost r…Read More

  4. Fixer Upper

    How G&R can help improve your indoor air quality

    Did you know that the IAQ, also known as Indoor Air Quality, of your home can be anywhere from 2x-100x more polluted than the air outside? A few common symptoms that your indoor air quality is poor can be headaches, allergies, fatigue and sinus pressure. Your HVAC system can play a huge factor when it comes to IAQ. A dirty filter, dirty ductwork, and vents, can all contribute to poor indoor air qu…Read More

  5. Removing Mice, Rats, and Rodents from AC Condenser | G & R Heating and Air

    Rats or mice in your AC? 

    Little critters – like mice and rats – like to find warm, safe spaces to build their nests. Of course, this sometimes happens where we least expect it. Many of our technicians have gone on air conditioning service calls where they discovered a rodent’s nest upon opening the AC condenser located outside! These little pests, although cute, will chew right through the electrical components of y…Read More

  6. Troubleshooting Common HVAC Issues

    Is your system not turning on? Or are you experiencing little to no air flow? There are a few things that you can try that may get your system back up and functioning until you can have one of our technicians out to take a look. These simple steps can help you save time and money by resolving simple, common issues you can fix yourself! Remember - if basic troubleshooting is not effective - we stro…Read More

  7. Old Humidifier Pad

    How often should you change your humidifier pad?

    Just like it’s important to get routine maintenance on your AC, furnace, and other HVAC equipment, it's also important to ensure your humidifier is properly maintained! One of the most important steps to keep your humidifier maintained is to change the humidifier pad (also known as a water panel) regularly. Why do I need to change my humidifier pad? A humidifier pad is essential to your humidifi…Read More

  8. HVAC Maintenance Plans - G&R Heating and Air Illinois

    HVAC Maintenance Plan: Is it worth it?

    We’ve had customers ask many times: “ My system is only a couple of years old. Do I need to get an HVAC maintenance plan?” The answer is YES! Dust, dirt, pet hair, and other particulate matter can build up on the main components on your system without proper cleaning from a professional HVAC technician. Plus, with regular HVAC maintenance, we are able to determine if your system is in need o…Read More

  9. Champion Heating and Cooling Logo

    Champion HVAC Products: FAQ

    At G&R Heating and Air, we take pride in offering Champion heating and cooling systems. Champion is a Johnson Controls brand, joining the ranks of its other well-known brands, which include York. Johnson Controls has been known for their 140 years of experience as well as their dedication to developing the newest and best HVAC technology. The history of Johnson Controls goes back to 1883 when …Read More

  10. Do I have a furnace or a boiler? | G&R Heating and Air Illinois

    Do I have a furnace or a boiler?

    For most homes in Northern Illinois and Chicagoland, there are two types of heating systems that are the most common. You will likely have either a furnace (gas or electric) or a boiler in your home, which utilizes heated water. Which do you have, how do they work, and what are the benefits of each? Let’s find out. What is a furnace? A furnace is a heating system that is powered either by natura…Read More