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4 Air Conditioning Tips For Summer

It’s hard to believe that May is almost over, and at G&R Heating and Air, we know that you’re ready for summer to begin. When it comes to keeping your Naperville home cool and comfortable this year, there are a few tips you can follow to save on energy costs and make sure the inside of your house is a consistent temperature. Should you need heating and cooling services this summer, we hope you’ll give us a call right away!

1. Update Your Thermostat

When you turn on your AC for the first time each year, you simply go to the thermostat, set it to “cool,” and adjust the temperature as needed. However, if your thermostat is quite old, then it might not be registering the proper temperature inside your home. Also, if you set the system to “cool” and nothing happens, then it’s likely time to replace your thermostat.

A new programmable or smart thermostat can do wonders for your air conditioner during the summer. It will be easy to set, and if it’s able to “learn” your desired settings, you won’t have to worry about the air conditioner running longer than it should or turning on while you’re away from home.

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2. Clear Any Obstructions

When you think about your cooling system, you likely think about the motor, the coils, and the refrigerant line. While all of those components are important, it’s also good to consider how any encroaching trees or bushes may impact the performance of your central air conditioning unit. If air flow is blocked by shrubs or branches, then your AC is going to have to work harder to pull in enough air in order to keep the house cool.

It’s a good idea to clear any obstructions that could pose a hazard to your cooling system, such as low-hanging branches or bushes that have grown too full and are too close to the unit. While you do want to provide some shade for your air conditioner, you don’t want its performance to be hindered by branches, leaves, or pine needles.

3. Keep An Ear Out For Noises

While you may have plans to travel this summer, you may also be spending plenty of time at home. You might be taking time off of work to hang out with the kids, and when you’re at home, it’s good to keep an ear out for any strange noises coming from your AC unit. Any squealing or squeaking can be an indication of something going wrong, and that’s when you’ll want to call a professional HVAC service for diagnosis and repair.

If you’re not going to be at home during the day, but the kids will be, then remind them that if they notice anything strange once the AC turns on, it’s imperative to call for service right away. Leaving a noise unattended and uninspected could lead to serious cooling system problems, and catching an issue early can help you avoid major repair bills. Make sure your kids let you know if there’s something wrong so that you can call us immediately.

4. Move The Central Unit

While this may sound like quite the undertaking, it could prove beneficial to your summer energy bills. For example, if the front of your house faces north, then the previous owner may have installed the central air conditioning unit on the south side of the property. While it is in the back of the house, the unit is also getting the most direct sunlight during those hot summer afternoons. This means that the air temperatures are likely higher nearer to the AC unit, and the system may have to work harder to cool the air as it passes through the evaporator coils and into the house.

Moving the unit to the east or west side of the house where there is some shade can be beneficial for both the unit and your monthly energy bills. You can also plant new bushes or shrubs near the unit in order to obstruct it from view, but as we pointed out above, make sure the greenery doesn’t encroach too much.

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We hope that these tips have given you some ideas on how to care for your air conditioner this summer. If you need service, then give us a call today and we’ll be there to take care of any routine maintenance or any issue that arises. At G&R, we’re proud to serve Naperville, and as your heating and cooling pros, there’s no problem that we can’t handle.

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