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AC Making Noise? We Can Help.

When it comes to air conditioners, silence is golden. Besides the normal sounds that are created by a running AC, of course, there shouldn’t be any strange, loud, or unexpected noises coming from the unit. If there are, it’s possible that a major issue is present or a major malfunction is about to occur.

At G&R Heating and Air, we’re ready to tackle any strange AC noise and the cause behind it. We offer air conditioning repair when you need it most — even emergency service — and you can call us 24/7.

Every air conditioner model will have its own “normal operating sound.” Beyond that, here’s some unexpected types of noise your AC could be making that you should watch out for.

Air Conditioner Rattling

Rattling is often indicative of loose or broken parts inside the AC unit or other components of your HVAC system that work in tandem with it. It could also be debris that has found its way inside the system.

Air Conditioner Squealing

Squealing often means a belt is loose or about to break. If the belt comes off completely, that’s a major issue for your cooling equipment. Your air conditioner will quit working and your home will become much warmer in a short amount of time.

Air Conditioner Humming

It’s also possible to hear a strange humming from your air conditioner system. It might not be as loud or annoying as a rattle or a high pitched squealing, but it’s no less important to investigate.

A humming sound from your system could be an indicator of several different problems, including a bad capacitor or other electronic component or a faulty blower motor.

What Should I Do If My AC Is Making Noise?

In situations like this, you don’t want to wait. Call us at 224-419-5324 or contact us online to set up an AC repair visit right away. Our technicians service a wide area throughout Northern IL and the Northwest Suburbs, so chances are we’re near you! Once you schedule, we’ll arrive as soon as possible and investigate the source of these strange sounds. Our technician will look for worn belts, broken parts, any debris present inside the system, and check the electronic components as well. If your unit needs additional repair, we’ll let you know what it will take to get things running again.

When you need air conditioning repair in Gilberts or the surrounding areacontact us right away. We’re always ready to help whenever you need us!

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