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Do You Need An AC Unit Cover?

Quite a few customers call us this time of year asking if we can order a cover for their air conditioner’s outside unit. This outside unit is also known as a condenser, and it’s a critical component of your HVAC system.

However, it’s a common misconception that AC condenser covers are absolutely necessary. In some cases, they may very well be beneficial – but many experienced technicians recommend against using an AC condenser cover. Here’s several reasons why.

Moisture, Bacteria, And Mold

Putting a cover over your AC unit can lock in moisture which can create breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. These systems have been created to hold up during extreme temperatures. Some of the materials that the covers are made of can lock in moisture. Not only can it cause mold growth, but it can also cause rust – and compromise the main components of your AC. Ventilation and air flow are essential to the unit to remove the moisture from the unit.

Pest Prevention… Or A Mouse Hotel?

An AC cover may seem like a great way to keep little critters – like mice – out of your AC. Instead, you may in fact be giving them a warm place that protects them from the cold and gives them shelter! Plus, it’s common that over time these little critters can build nests, chew electrical components, and damage the system beyond repair if neglected.

Chokes Off Ventilation

Keep in mind that, in general, your AC was built to withstand most severe weather conditions. Without proper ventilation for the system, you risk having moisture, mold, and possible rust on your condenser. This is why, in general, we recommend against covering the AC unit. If you have any questions about your HVAC system or would like to schedule an appointment for service or a tune up, give our friendly staff a call at 224-419-5324 or contact us online!

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