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Furnace Repair In Time For The Holidays

November is now here, and with it, the beginning of the busy holiday season. At G&R Heating and Air, we’re always excited for this time of year, and we’re always ready to provide expert furnace repair for those who need it. If you’re planning on having friends and family visit over the next two to three months, then it’s important to have a heating system that can keep up with your demands. You want everyone to be comfortable when they’re in your house, and with our help, you can keep your furnace running smoothly. If you live in Schaumburg, then give us a call today!

Not Enough Warm Air

As you move through your house, you may notice that there is more warm air in certain rooms. The master bedroom may be nice and toasty, but the dining room is freezing. If there isn’t enough warm air in one part of the house, or a few rooms are always colder than others, then the problem might lie with the blower fan on your furnace. If the blower fan is having issues, then it may not be able to push enough air through the entire house, which means that any rooms that are closer to the furnace will get warm air, while those farther away will be colder. Our HVAC technician can check the blower fan and motor to make sure there are no faulty or broken parts.

The Right Thermostat Settings

dreamstime xxl 80201458 5be096132bb7aThe thermostat may be a point of contention in your home, as it is in many homes, and when relatives come to stay, the thermostat may get changed several times throughout the day. Your aunt may want a certain temperature, while your dad wants another, and constantly changing the thermostat settings can lead to inefficient furnace operation. Your heating system may be fine, but installing a new thermostat can make it work even better. You can upgrade your old programmable thermostat to a smart, or learning, model, which will learn your habits and turn on the heat at the proper times.

Zoning Your Heating System

Another option that you can explore is adding heating “zones” throughout your home. This may require some new equipment installation, but our team can handle all of the hard work. By zoning your home, such as having one zone for the first floor and one zone for the second floor, you can keep those areas at different temperatures, allowing everyone to be happy and comfortable. You can then install a wireless thermostat for each zone, giving precise control over the desired temperature.

Repair Your Furnace Today

If you’re gearing up for another busy holiday season, then don’t let repairing your furnace fall by the wayside. Strange noises, odd smells, and other signs can be indications of system trouble, and it’s always a good idea to call a certified HVAC provider sooner rather than later. At G&R, we’re proud to serve the people of Schaumburg, and we can provide furnace repair and installation when you need it most.

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