One of the most frustrating things a homeowner can experience with their heating system is a furnace that only blows cold air. You spend your hard-earned money to keep your house warm, but if your furnace refuses to cooperate, it can leave you shaking your head (or your fist). At G&R Heating and Air, we can inspect your furnace to see why it’s only blowing cold air and provide the necessary repairs to get everything working properly again. If you live in Gilberts, St. Charles, or the surrounding area, we’re always ready to help.


Check the Thermostat

We know, this is a common theme for many HVAC problems (and many of our blog posts), but it’s often the source of many furnace problems. If your thermostat is set to “On” instead of “Auto,” the fan will continue to run even when the furnace isn’t heating the air that’s flowing through it. You may also be running up your utility bills by continually running the fan, so if the thermostat was accidentally adjusted, switch it back to the “Auto” setting. That way, the furnace will only run when it’s supposed to.

The Furnace Got Too Hot

A furnace got too hot? It may sound silly, but it’s actually a good thing if your furnace shuts down if it gets too hot. There’s a safety device called a “limit switch” that turns the furnace off if it reaches an unsafe temperature. This can protect against a blowout and complete system failure, so if your furnace blows hot air, then cold air, then no air at all, this could be the reason. Our HVAC experts can thoroughly inspect and diagnose the issue, and the most common cause is a dirty or clogged air filter. If you notice that your furnace overheats on a regular basis, take the time to change the filter and see if the system begins blowing only hot air from that point. If left untended, your furnace’s heat exchanger can become damaged, which can lead to expensive repairs.


The Pilot Light is Out

If you have a gas furnace, it’s important to regularly check the pilot light. If there is no flame, it can mean that something blew it out, there isn’t gas flowing into the furnace, or the thermocouple is faulty. We know that relighting the pilot light or checking for proper gas flow can be a bit intimidating, and if parts need to be replaced, it’s always best to contact a professional. If the furnace is running properly and the thermostat is set to “Auto,” the most probable culprit is the pilot light.

G&R Heating and Air is proud to serve northwest Chicago, and we’re dedicated to providing the very best HVAC service all year round. If you’ve noticed that your furnace is consistently blowing cold air, take the time to check the things above, or give us a call right away. We’ll get to the source of the problem as quickly as we can and get your home warm and cozy in no time.