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HVAC Maintenance Plan: Is It Worth It?

We’ve had customers ask many times: “ My system is only a couple of years old. Do I need to get an HVAC maintenance plan?” The answer is YES! Dust, dirt, pet hair, and other particulate matter can build up on the main components on your system without proper cleaning from a professional HVAC technician. Plus, with regular HVAC maintenance, we are able to determine if your system is in need of any repairs before they become worse (and more expensive!) That being said, signing up for our HVAC maintenance plan is a great way to keep up with your heating and cooling system. You’ll get friendly reminders from us when your tune up is due, so you won’t have to remember – or have a ton of sticky notes everywhere! Plus, on top of all those important things, failing to keep up with maintenance will void your manufacturer’s warranty on your equipment.

We strongly recommend that our customers upgrade to a maintenance plan to ensure accurate, professional service when tune ups are due – but also because our plan includes discounts off of future repairs, making it a great value. But what else is included?

What Is Included In G & R Heating And Air’s HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Here is what you receive with a maintenance agreement with us:

  • Annual tune up for your furnace and AC (2 visits per year total, 1 for each piece of equipment in the appropriate season)
  • 10% off repairs while the maintenance plan is active
  • Friendly reminders via text, email, and by phone calls to let you know when you are due for your next maintenance
  • A no breakdown guarantee during the season that the system is in us!

With our friendly reminders, you’ll never forget when you are due for furnace or AC maintenance again. We will call, send emails, and texts to let you know that you need to contact our office to schedule your maintenance. Once you are scheduled, you will receive an email and a text the night before to remind you about the appointment. The day of the appointment, you will receive a message to let you know that the technician is on the way!

What Is The “No Breakdown Guarantee?”

We take pride in our work! We provide a no breakdown guarantee during the seasons that the system is in use. For example, if your furnace received maintenance in October and breaks down in the following January, the normal service fee for repair visits can be waived. During our normal service hours, our service call fee is $95 – so this can represent significant savings if something unexpected does go wrong. (Note: this applies as long as the problem is not related to a drain issue, the thermostat, or otherwise unrelated to the heating or cooling unit.) The only thing to pay for is the cost of parts/repairs.

What Are The Benefits Of Routine HVAC Maintenance?

  • Can increase heating/cooling system lifespan
  • Can help to increase efficiency, saving money on energy bills
  • Helps to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs that could have been avoided if caught earlier
  • Comfort for you – and your family – all year round!
  • More benefits of routine HVAC maintenance

How Do I Sign Up For A G & R HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Call 224-419-5324 to set up an appointment with our friendly staff, or contact us online if you prefer! Let us know you are interested in a membership – we can even get you signed up over the phone!

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