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Rats Or Mice In Your AC?

Little critters – like mice and rats – like to find warm, safe spaces to build their nests. Of course, this sometimes happens where we least expect it. Many of our technicians have gone on air conditioning service calls where they discovered a rodent’s nest upon opening the AC condenser located outside! These little pests, although cute, will chew right through the electrical components of your unit.

Even with an interesting problem such as this, you can trust our professional HVAC technicians to properly diagnose and repair it – and there are also some steps you can try on your own to eliminate your pest problem.

Keep Water Away From Your AC Condenser Unit

Rodents are attracted to not only where they can find warmth and food, but water as well. Many homeowners will plant bushes and different types of plants around the AC condenser sitting outside. This can be a way to attract rodents, due to the higher concentration of water in that area. Also, planting certain plants around your home can deter mice. Marigolds, daffodils, garlic and most herbs – like lavender and rosemary – can both add a beautiful addition to your outdoor area while also keeping those pesky rodents away.

Keep The Area Clear Around Your AC Condenser

The second step you can try to reduce a pest problem with your outside AC unit is to keep the area clear around it. Often, homeowners try to conceal this piece of outdoor equipment by planting around it. Or, the area is simply forgotten and then overgrowth surrounds the condenser. In either case, all the overgrowth means places to hide for rodents. By removing the overgrowth, the rodents must expose themselves to predators on their journey to (what they think) is their new home!

Still Having Problems Due To Mice Or Rats In Your AC?

If you’re still having pest troubles with your outside AC unit, the next step is to give our office a call and schedule a service visit. Our technicians are experienced with these problems and will first perform an overall inspection of the system to determine how the rodents may be getting in, and what can be done to prevent it.

It’s easy to book your visit – just call our friendly dispatch staff 24/7 at 224-419-5324 or contact us online!

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