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What’s Your Biggest Furnace Frustration?

When it comes to your furnace, you’re likely often either happy with it or completely frustrated with it. When it’s working properly, you’re happy and comfortable, but when it’s malfunctioning, you’re ready to tear it apart piece by piece in order to fix it. At G&R Heating and Air, we offer expert furnace repair in Elgin so that when you’re frustrated with your heating system, you can call us and we’ll take everything apart until we find the problem. Instead of feeling discouraged, you can feel confident that the problem will be taken care of in short order.

Loud Noises At Night

There are few things more frustrating when it comes to your furnace than loud noises that wake you up at night. As the heat turns on or shuts off, the system may make banging or creaking noises. The loud reports can quickly shake you out of your slumber, and just as you’re going back to sleep, another noise rings through the bedroom. When it comes to strange furnace sounds, there could be a number of reasons behind them. Your ductwork may be expanding and contracting, or you may have a duct that’s come loose. The fan belt on the blower may be worn or loose, causing it to squeal or hiss as it runs. The one thing you can be sure of is that our team will be able to find the source and silence those frustrating noises.

System Running Too Much

dreamstime xxl 11882555 593ebefd13b38Your furnace may not be keeping you up at night, but you might have noticed that it runs quite often throughout the day. When you’re home on the weekends in the winter, you set the thermostat at the desired temperature and then leave it alone. However, you can hear the furnace turning on and running for longer than it needs to, and it may not shut off once it reaches the temperature on the thermostat. This could mean that your thermostat is faulty, or that there’s something wrong with the blower motor. There could also be leaks in your ductwork, which means that not enough warm air is reaching your thermostat, so it doesn’t think that the desired temperature has been reached. Whatever the case may be, you can count on us to take care of the problem.

Your Heating Bill Is Too High

You want your house to be comfortable during the winter, but what you don’t want is to pay too much for heating each month. Whether you have an electric or a gas furnace, paying to fuel it can take a toll on your bank account, especially if you have an older heating system. You may have sticker shock every month when you get your utility bill, but you know you have to keep paying it in order to keep your house warm and comfortable. By repairing or replacing your furnace, you can enjoy more efficient heat that doesn’t cost you a fortune!

We all feel frustrated when our heat doesn’t work how we want it to, but with furnace repair from G&R, you can rest assured that everything will work as it should. If you live in Elgin, then please contact us right away to schedule your service appointment, and feel frustrated no more!

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