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When To Replace Your Furnace Or AC?

Most of the time, you won’t be planning for your AC or furnace to fail. This means that, when a full system replacement is required, it’s often unexpected by homeowners. Of course, this can lead to uncomfortable days in the home… and an irritated family! We know how frustrating it can be when that old AC just isn’t cooling the house like it should, or when your furnace gives up the ghost right before winter! Here are some of the things you should look for to know when it’s time for a new system.

If Your Heating Or Cooling System Is 10-15+ Years Old

If so, now may be the perfect time to replace it. You may want to look into a replacement even if it’s functioning properly, in fact – at that age, HVAC systems tend to run less efficiently. This can cost you more on your heating and cooling bills – a lot more in many cases. Plus, some older AC systems require a refrigerant that is not being manufactured anymore (R-22). Meaning that if this is required during a repair, the repairs may be much more expensive than they would otherwise be.

If You Suspect There Is A Refrigerant Leak

Our dispatch team often receives calls from homeowners looking to have refrigerant added to their AC system. This is often referred to as “topping off” or “recharging” refrigerant.

The issue here is that the refrigerant contained within the system originally should never have to be replaced – and should last for the lifetime of the unit. Usually, the only situation where refrigerant needs to be added to a system is if it is leaking somewhere.

Why not just use leak sealer, you ask? While we can and do provide this service if it is a good candidate for the repair, the problem is that there is no “guarantee” that leak sealer will be able to stop the leak completely – and definitely not forever. If the refrigerant that was added leaks out, more must be added, and the cycle continues – meaning that the homeowner is continuing to spend money on an outdated, inefficient system that also has ongoing problems.

If You Are Having Constant Or Continued Breakdowns

If your system keeps breaking down, it might feel like a better option financially to continue repairing it. However, the cost of repairs can add up very quickly if the unit is older and is beginning to develop problems in several areas. You may get up and running after fixing one thing, only to find another completely unrelated problem popping up a week or two later. Not only do these repair costs start to add up very quickly, that money is likely being invested into an older system that already needs replacement.

How Much Does A Replacement AC And/Or Furnace Cost?

Updating/upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system is a big job, and we’re here to help! Quoting prices out of the blue, though, is very challenging. The best way to get the most accurate price is for us to send one of our technicians to your home for a free new HVAC system estimate. At no cost to you, our technician will look over your current equipment, ask any questions they have, and provide one or more recommendations for a replacement. We also offer HVAC financing to make your purchase more convenient – we even have options with zero down! (See here for more information on our financing programs.)

Remember that we also offer HVAC financing to make it much easier (and more flexible!) for you to replace your system. We even have options with no money down! Call us at 224-419-5324 and our friendly dispatch staff will get your free quote scheduled for you.

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