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Discover comfort and reliability with the best HVAC contractor Carol Stream has—G & R Heating and Air. Nestled in the vibrant community of Carol Stream, where residents and businesses thrive, our team is committed to ensuring optimal heating, cooling, and air quality. Amidst the dynamic weather shifts in Illinois, our comprehensive services encompass installation, upkeep, and repairs for AC units, furnaces, and ducts. 

As HVAC systems in the U.S. see a yearly replacement of three million units, costing $14 billion, our skilled technicians provide the essential care your system requires. Trust us for affordable, top-notch services, ensuring your HVAC system operates seamlessly year-round.

About G & R Heating and Air

Carol Stream

Welcome to G & R Heating and Air, your trusted partner for air conditioning and furnace repair services in Carol Stream and the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Our family-owned business, fully licensed and insured, prioritizes your satisfaction. Located in the region’s heart, we extend our exceptional services to Elgin, South Elgin, Bartlett, St. Charles, and Geneva. Committed to excellence, our team delivers unparalleled customer service with a personal touch. Our service is backed by a one-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. At G & R Heating and Air, we’re not just fixing HVAC systems but building lasting relationships based on trust and quality craftsmanship.

Our Carol Stream HVAC Service

Enjoy unparalleled comfort with our exceptional HVAC services in Carol Stream. As a beacon of reliability in the industry, our team of qualified experts is devoted to elevating your living or working environment. Explore the array of services we offer to ensure your year-round comfort.

Air Conditioner Services

Air conditioning (AC) is a top priority for 88% of households in the United States. Two-thirds of these households use central AC as their primary AC equipment. So, it’s essential to choose a top-rated air conditioner service that caters to your year-round comfort, as countless others across the United States have done.

With our reliable and efficient air conditioning Carol Stream services, you can rest easy knowing that scorching heat won’t interrupt your daily routine. Our certified technicians offer expert installation, efficient tune-ups, and prompt repairs to maintain a consistently cool and comfortable environment in homes and businesses. Regardless of the model, our services are designed to ensure your AC runs smoothly.

AC Installation

Upgrade your cooling experience without hassle with our exceptional AC installation services.

AC Repair

Our skilled technicians provide fast air conditioning repair services, giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your AC unit is in good hands.

AC Replacement

Get expert-recommended, energy-efficient AC replacements to control your home’s cooling.

AC Tune-up

Ensure efficient and long-lasting air conditioning with our expert tune-up services.

Heating Services

We have you covered if you are looking for reliable heating services in Carol Stream. We understand the significance of a warm and comfortable home during the freezing winters. That’s why we have a team of highly skilled professionals who deliver efficient solutions tailored to meet your specific heating requirements. With our commitment to high-quality service, you can count on us to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the year’s coldest months.

Furnace Repair

Rely on our expert technicians to deliver dependable furnace repairs and guarantee your comfort.

Furnace Installation

Get expert furnace installation services from skilled technicians in Carol Stream.

Furnace Maintenance

Feel warm and cozy during the winter with our dependable and efficient furnace maintenance service.


For trustworthy boiler installation and repair services, count on our skilled technicians.

Air Quality Assurance Services

We understand the importance of clean indoor air quality. Healthy air should be available to everyone. Unfortunately, air pollution is responsible for 7 million premature deaths each year and robs millions of healthy years of life. We believe that taking proactive steps is crucial to tackling this issue. That’s why we offer a range of solutions to improve air purification, including installing UV lights and iWave-R. Our professional duct cleaning services are designed to effectively eliminate dust and allergens, ensuring you can breathe comfortably and say goodbye to unhealthy air. Take the first step towards a healthier, cleaner environment with G & R Heating and Air.

Why Choose G & R Heating and Air

Choose G & R Heating and Air for all your HVAC needs without hesitation. We have years of experience and provide exceptional service that is tailored to your requirements. Our skilled technicians specialize in heating, cooling, and air quality solutions, and we prioritize customer satisfaction above all.

For top-notch HVAC services in Carol Stream, look no further than G & R Heating and Air. Trust us to provide clear pricing, excellent customer service, and comprehensive offerings that guarantee satisfaction. Contact us or visit our website today. With our exceptional AC repair and furnace installation services, you can enjoy reliable comfort throughout the year. 


HVAC is an acronym that denotes Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is a system used in buildings to regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality. The purpose of HVAC systems is to provide thermal comfort and uphold acceptable indoor air quality, thus enhancing the environment for the inhabitants. These systems are essential in residential and commercial settings as they maintain a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Installing a central air conditioning system can raise your home’s value by up to 10%, but the actual impact may differ based on the location and preferences of potential buyers.

Air conditioner compressor failure, a common homeowner headache, can stem from a variety of issues. Electrical glitches like blown fuses or faulty wiring, incorrect refrigerant levels, blocked suction lines, and insufficient lubrication can all lead to this problem. Dirty filters, broken thermostats, coil debris, and contaminants like moisture contribute to compressor strain, leading to overheating and eventual failure.

You should service your HVAC system annually, separately servicing furnaces and air conditioners at different times of the year. Moreover, heat pumps should be serviced twice every year.

Schedule a service appointment if you notice decreased airflow, strange odors or noises, leaks, or decreased efficiency in your HVAC system. Don’t ignore warm air in summer and cold air in winter. Contact an experienced professional to diagnose and repair problems before they become severe. Providing high-quality maintenance ensures optimal performance and prolongs the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment.

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