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At G & R Heating and Air in Elburn, we want to be the last local heating and cooling company you’ll ever call! Our HVAC technicians are prepared to handle any issue with your commercial or residential HVAC system. Some of our regular and emergency heating and air services include AC installationAC repairheater and AC maintenance, and furnace installation or repair.

Beyond just heating and cooling systems, Elburn’s G & R Heating and Air offers residents and business owners services to ensure your entire indoor environment is clean and comfortable. For issues with your major appliances and HVAC accessory components, check out our high-quality other services.

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Elburn’s HVAC Checklist

To keep your residential or commercial HVAC system performing optimally, use our HVAC preventative maintenance services regularly. Not only will you save money, but you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t come home to discomfort that can’t be corrected because your air conditioner or furnace is out.


Your local HVAC service company performs spring HVAC preventative maintenance checklist tasks to prepare your air conditioning system for the cooling season ahead to ensure your summer is cool and comfortable.

Clean or replace filters and evaporator coils
Clean drain lines for proper flow and clear clogs
Replace worn pulleys and belts
Inspect ducts for mold, dust, and debris
Check refrigerant charge and for leaks
Change batteries
Check electrical system and connections
Check fan motor, blowers, and blades for proper airflow
Lubricate motors bearings and moving parts
Inspect cabinet for leaks and check cabinet door for secure closure


G & R Heating and Air performs fall HVAC preventative maintenance checklist tasks to check that your heating system is safe and prepare it for the cold weather season.

Replace filters on heating equipment
Inspect and clean ignition burner assembly
Study the flue system and ensure secure attachment to the furnace
Inspect for gas leaks and gas pressure
Check pulleys and belts
Clear drain lines and pans
Lubricate motors, bearings, and other moving parts
Check thermostats, controls, and electrical connections
Check fan and blower and heat pump

To keep your heating and cooling systems operating in peak condition, be sure to schedule your routine maintenance with G & R Heating and Air.

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