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dreamstime_xxl_6767210-2As a homeowner, you want to keep everything in your house working properly, from the lights and outlets to the heating and cooling systems. If you’ve noticed higher utility bills over the past few months, it might be time for HVAC maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner. Nobody wants to pay more for utilities, and with a Clean & Check from G&R Heating and Air, you can have systems that are quiet, reliable, and energy efficient. Our goal is to keep your costs low and your comfort level high!

The Benefits Of A Clean & Check

There are many benefits to regular HVAC maintenance and upkeep, and our thorough Clean & Check process will make sure everything is running as it should. The main benefits of the service are:

Less Energy and Less Money – Your furnace and air conditioner run much better when they’re not clogged with dust and debris. When your systems are clean, they’ll use less energy, which means less money out of your pocket each month!

dreamstime_xxl_66674361-2A Happy Family – If you have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies, a dirty HVAC system can often be the quickest way to sneezing, coughing, and overall discomfort. With a thorough cleaning, there will be less dust and allergens in the air, and it will be easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, no matter the season.

These are just two of the fantastic benefits our Clean & Check process can provide. If you’re worried about your heating and cooling systems breaking down when you need them most, give us a call today. Systems that are never maintained won’t last nearly as long as those that are, and you can also decrease your monthly costs and your carbon footprint in the process.

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