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If you’re in Roselle and need reliable HVAC services, look no further than G & R Heating and Air. Our expert team is on hand to handle all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs. Whether it’s AC unit installation or repairs, furnace maintenance, or duct cleaning – we’ve got you covered! 

Don’t stress about your system. We provide quick solutions at affordable prices. With our top-quality Roselle HVAC Services, you can prevent significant problems without breaking the bank. Trust us for all your HVAC needs!

About G & R Heating and Air

G & R Heating and Air, based in Gilberts, IL, is a leading HVAC company offering top-quality services. Our team specializes in residential and commercial air conditioning and furnace repairs throughout the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.. We’ve covered you from Elgin to St. Charles and Bartlett to Geneva.


Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Owned by Greg (represented by a gator) and Rob (represented by a rhino), we bring an approachable attitude to all your heating and cooling needs.

Our comprehensive services include AC system inspections, furnace repairs, sump pump replacements, and water heater installations. Our fully licensed technicians back every job undertaken with years of experience – ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

When you choose us, you’re not just getting certified professionals but also assurance, thanks to our industry-leading one-year warranty on all work performed. Discover why homeowners from Roselle highly recommend us for their heating and cooling requirements.

Our Roselle HVAC Services

We provide exceptional HVAC services in Roselle. Our expert team offers reliable cooling and heating solutions to stay comfortable year-round. Schedule an appointment today for comprehensive service!

Air Conditioner Services

Are you tired of the sweltering heat? Our quality air conditioning services provide ultimate comfort for your home or business. From expert installation and regular maintenance to quick repairs, our skilled technicians ensure your AC system runs efficiently all year. Stay chilly with us!

Experience the ultimate cooling comfort with our world-class AC installation services in Roselle.

Need AC repair in Roselle? Our expert technicians provide fast and reliable cooling system repairs.

  • AC Replacement

When it’s time for AC replacement, our experts will find the perfect solution to keep you cool. Relax and enjoy the comfort!

Maximize your AC’s efficiency and lifespan with our expert AC tune-up service. Stay cool all summer long!

Heating Services

Stay warm and cozy with our high-quality heating services in Roselle this winter. Our expert technicians will ensure your home is always comfortable, providing efficient solutions customized to your needs. From furnace fixes to installation, we have you covered.

When your furnace breaks down, our technicians deliver reliable and efficient repair services in Roselle. Stay warm without worry!

For top-rated furnace installation in Roselle, IL, choose us. Our skilled technicians ensure a seamless solution for your home or business. 

Regular furnace maintenance helps extend its lifespan and improve efficiency, ensuring optimal winter performance. Trust our experts for reliable service.

Experience the expertise of our technicians for reliable boiler repairs and top-class installations in Roselle, IL.

Air Quality Assurance Services

Breathe easier with our Air Quality Assurance Services in Roselle. We know how crucial clean indoor air is for your well-being. Hence, we go beyond standard temperature control to provide fresh, healthy air. Our expert technicians can install UV lights and iWave-R systems to improve air purification substantially. 

Bid farewell to dust, allergens, and pollutants! Our professional duct cleaning services enhance the air quality in your home or business, promoting a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Why Choose G & R Heating and Air

Regarding your HVAC needs, look no further than G & R Heating and Air. As a trusted family-owned business with years of experience, we take pride in delivering exceptional service that exceeds expectations. Our team of certified HVAC technicians is highly skilled in providing customized heating, cooling, and air quality solutions for your home’s utmost comfort.

From the moment you reach out to us until the completion of the job, expect nothing short of efficient and professional assistance every step of the way. We work to ensure our customers are delighted with our services.

Why settle for subpar HVAC services when you can have extraordinary ones? Contact us today or visit our website to discover how we can fulfill all your heating and cooling requirements in Roselle. Trust us for reliable service, whether AC restoration or furnace installation. Our services keep you cool during scorching summers and warm throughout chilly winters.


o save energy during the winter, scheduling regular maintenance appointments for your HVAC system is crucial. Optimal times for maintenance are in spring and fall when you use your AC and furnace less frequently. 

Additionally, installing a smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature to 68 degrees when you’re home and lower it by 10-12 degrees at night or while away. Creating climate zones by closing vents on unused floors can also distribute heat efficiently.

Harnessing the power of natural sunlight can warm up your home during daylight hours. Remember to close curtains once dusk falls to prevent cold drafts from cooling down indoor temperatures further. Eliminating air leaks with weatherstripping or caulking helps retain warmth efficiently. At the same time, using cold water for laundry and completing full loads conserves energy.

Another tip is resisting temptation. Avoid frequently opening oven doors, as doing so causes significant temperature drops that require more energy to restore optimal cooking conditions.

If your HVAC system is acting up and you need clarification on the problem, we can help. Start by describing the issue in detail so we can understand the symptoms. Have you noticed any unusual noises or a lack of heating or cooling? 

We’ll also conduct a physical inspection of your unit for leaks, ice formation, or dust accumulation. Checking the thermostat settings and inspecting the air filter are essential steps, too.

If these measures don’t solve it all, calling our professional team might be necessary to accurately diagnose and fix your complex HVAC issues. They will provide top-rated service that will cool down hot heads promptly! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Regarding your HVAC system, several signs indicate the need for servicing. Listen for unusual noises and pay attention if your system is cycling frequently. High energy bills and poor airflow can also be red flags. 

Don’t ignore foul odors, uneven cooling, or heating. They may point to underlying issues. Additionally, if you’re experiencing humidity problems in your home, it’s time to call a professional.

Central air conditioning is more than just a luxury. It can add significant value to your home. Studies show that homes with central air sell for 2.5% more nationwide, making it a wise investment. The increase in property value can be up to 10% of the system cost!

Service your HVAC system once a year. Furnace in fall, air conditioner in spring. Heat pumps need twice-yearly service. Regular maintenance prevents problems, saves energy, and extends lifespan.

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