1. Frozen AC Coil: What to Do | G&R Heating and Air

    Frozen AC Coil: FAQ

    A common problem that many people experience with their air conditioning system is that their AC coil may freeze up. A frozen AC coil can cause a number of issues with your HVAC equipment, not to mention potential water damage. And of course, your system won't be able to properly cool the home if the coil is frozen — as airflow through the system will be significantly restricted. Curious about w…Read More

  2. HVAC Maintenance Plans - G&R Heating and Air Illinois

    What does HVAC maintenance include?

    It’s no secret that HVAC maintenance is the key to your furnace and air conditioning running efficiently. Your heating and cooling system is comprised of several complicated machines working together to keep your home comfortable. These components include your AC coil, your AC condenser, your furnace (which itself has multiple components), your whole home humidifier, and the list goes on. Our HV…Read More

  3. Woman Sweating From House That is Too Hot

    Coming Home to a Warm House

    July can be one of the warmest months of the year in the Naperville area, and at G&R Heating and Air, we know how uncomfortable it can be to come home to a warm house. When you walk through the door, you expect to feel cooler temperatures, but if your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you could feel the exact opposite. If this happens, then it’s imperative to call a heating and cooli…Read More

  4. Condenser

    4 Air Conditioning Tips for Summer

    It’s hard to believe that May is almost over, and at G&R Heating and Air, we know that you’re ready for summer to begin. When it comes to keeping your Naperville home cool and comfortable this year, there are a few tips you can follow to save on energy costs and make sure the inside of your house is a consistent temperature. Should you need heating and cooling services this summer, we hope…Read More