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Virtual HVAC Technician – Schedule Now

At G&R Heating and Air, we understand that these are very challenging times for everyone. That’s why we’re introducing our Virtual HVAC Technician service at no cost to the communities we serve in Northern Illinois and Chicagoland.

Our team understands how busy you are, and we also understand the concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. HVAC services like AC repair, furnace repair, and new system installations are covered under “essential services” — and we take every precaution necessary to ensure cleanliness and safety during our in-home technician visits.

As part of this effort to serve everyone in our communities, our virtual HVAC meetings allow you to speak directly with a professional without having to leave your home — or wherever you are!

How Does A Remote HVAC Consultation Work?Virtual HVAC Technician Scheduling

It’s very simple and takes less than a minute.

  1. You’ll click this link to select a time that works for you on our scheduling page.
  2. Afterwards, you’ll be sent a confirmation and calendar invite with a Google Meet meeting link. (If you don’t have a Google account, you may need to set one up and download any necessary apps for Google Meet, depending on your device.)
  3. When your meeting is ready to start, click the meeting link on your preferred device, sign into your Google account, and our technician will join you into the Google Meet.

Why Set Up A Virtual HVAC Technician Meeting?

  • You are experiencing issues with your heating or cooling system (Note: if you have no heating or cooling at all, please call for emergency service at 224-419-5324.)
  • You want to ask about installing a new thermostat or are having issues with your thermostat
  • You are interested in a Smart Thermostat, like an ecobee
  • You want to ask about a new air conditioning or furnace system installation

During your meeting, the G&R technician will help advise you on the best course of action — this might be scheduling a free installation estimate, setting up a repair diagnosis visit, or some quick troubleshooting pointers.

Do I Have To Pay For The Remote Consultation?

Nope! We’re offering 15 minute remote HVAC consultations at no cost to our customers and the communities we serve.

  • If your issue requires an in-person service call to diagnose repair costs, the cost for the diagnosis visit is $95 during regular hours or $135 during emergency hours.
  • We offer free quotes on new system installations. Your technician may be able to provide a rough estimate over the phone depending on the situation and your needs. If this is not possible, your technician can schedule an in-home new system quote at no charge to you.

How Do I Get Started With My Virtual HVAC Consultation?

Click this link to book your virtual consultation with a G&R technician.

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