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No matter the season, maintaining optimal temperatures inside your living space is crucial. And we at G & R Heating and Air understand it from the core. So, when it comes to the comfort of your home in West Chicago, don’t settle for anything less than perfect. 

From scorching summers to bone-chilling winters, our team of West Chicago HVAC experts has got you covered with top-notch repairs and installations for furnaces and air conditioning units alike. 

We won’t rest until every corner of your home feels just right! So why wait? Contact us today and take control of your living environment!

About G & R Heating and Air

West Chicago

Discover G & R Heating & Air, your trusted local HVAC experts serving West Chicago and beyond. Based Locally in Gilbert, IL, we are a family-owned and operated company. We take pride in delivering top-notch air conditioning and furnace repair services to homes and businesses throughout the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois. We are renowned for our down-to-earth advice with superior customer service.

Count on us for everything from checking home AC systems to furnace repairs or even sump pump replacements. We’re fully licensed and insured with a one-year warranty on all our work. That’s because your satisfaction is our priority! Trust us like family – refer us happily!

Our West Chicago HVAC Services

We are proud providers of the best HVAC services all over West Chicago. With over 13 years of experience serving residential and commercial properties, our team has the expertise to handle all your heating and cooling needs. Learn about our reliable solutions that will keep your space comfortable year-round.

Air Conditioner Services

When the summer heat hits West Chicago, you need a reliable air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. Our team of expert technicians is here to help with all your AC needs – ensure you beat the heat with ease.

We can install new energy-efficient air conditioning systems tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Your current unit might be giving you trouble or not cooling properly. Our skilled technicians in air conditioning repair West Chicago can diagnose and fix any issues quickly.

  • AC Replacement

There will come a time for an upgrade, or you may realize that repairs won’t sustain anymore. We’ll be there to guide you through choosing the right system for maximum efficiency.

Regular maintenance helps prolong the life of your equipment. Our expert tune-ups will keep it running at peak performance – ensuring optimal comfort when temperatures soar.

Don’t let a faulty A/C ruin those hot summer days! Trust G & R Heating and Air – your go-to place for HVAC service West Chicago IL.

Heating Services

You should never have to worry about staying warm and cozy in your West Chicago home or business during winter chills. Our Heating contractor in West Chicago, offers a wide range of heating services. They are ready to tackle any heating issue with efficiency and expertise!

Trust us for fast and reliable furnace repairs that will get your system back up and running efficiently.

We specialize in installing new furnaces, ensuring proper sizing and effective operation, specifically for your space.

Extend the lifespan of your furnace and keep it operating at its best level with our top-notch furnace maintenance services.

We also provide comprehensive boiler installation, repair, or maintenance services as part of our complete package.

Let us handle all things related to heating systems. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we’ll keep you warm without breaking the bank!

Air Quality Assurance Services

We believe that the quality of your indoor air is just as crucial as maintaining comfortable temperatures. That’s why we offer a range of air quality assurance services in West Chicago to ensure you’re breathing clean and healthy air in every corner of your home or business. 

  • UV Lights: We utilize powerful ultraviolet lights that kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and other harmful pollutants.
  • iWave-R: It’s a cutting-edge technology we use for purifying the air by reducing allergens, odors, smoke particles, and more.
  • Professional Duct Cleaning: Our expert duct cleaning services help remove built-up dust, eliminate debris, and improve the overall airflow.

Why Choose G & R Heating and Air

For all your heating and cooling needs in West Chicago, choosing G & R Heating and Air means getting the job done well! As a family-owned and operated business with over 13 years of experience, we have the expertise you can trust.

Our certified technicians are skilled in providing top-notch heating, cooling, and air quality solutions tailored to your specific needs. But what truly sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

From start to finish, we go above and beyond for our customers – delivering efficient service with a smile. So why settle for anything less when exceptional HVAC services are just a phone call away?

Contact us today or visit our website for your needs regarding HVAC West Chicago IL!


When it comes to getting your HVAC system installed or replaced, the process usually takes around 3 to 5 working days. But keep in mind that this timeframe can vary based on factors like the complexity of the job and whether it’s a new installation or a full replacement. But these are just estimates. So reach out for an accurate timeline tailored to your specific needs!

Air conditioner compressors may fail due to several issues. Here’s a quick rundown of some common culprits:

  1. Electrical problems: Faulty wiring or irregular voltage can put stress on the compressor.
  2. Refrigerant issues: Too little or too much refrigerant can cause strain and potential damage.
  3. Blocked suction lines: Obstructions in the lines prevent proper airflow. That may lead to the compressor overheating.
  4. Insufficient lubrication: Lack of lubrication causes friction within the system, resulting in compressor breakdowns.

There are some other factors, like dirty filters, broken thermostats, debris in coils, and contaminants inside the compressor. You must address any of them promptly or call professionals to avoid further complications with your AC unit.

Maintaining your HVAC system’s peak performance requires regular service. Experts recommend scheduling annual inspections and maintenance for optimal efficiency. Give your heating some TLC in the fall, and do the same for your AC in the spring to keep things running smoothly throughout the year. 

When the winter chill sets in, you can still keep warm and save energy at the same time. It’s easy, 

  • Insulate your home to preserve the indoor heat.
  • Adjust your thermostat by setting it low when nobody’s around.
  • Must keep up with regular furnace maintenance.

Is your HVAC system giving you signs that it needs a little TLC? Here are some indicators to keep in mind:

Inadequate Cooling or heating: If your home isn’t reaching comfortable temperatures, it may be time for a check-up.

Strange Noises: Unusual sounds like banging, squealing, or rattling could point towards underlying issues.

Frequent Cycling On and Off: Is your system constantly turning on and off? It might need attention from an expert.

Foul Odors: No one wants their home to smell strange when the systems are running. You should check up on it!

High Energy Bills: Increasing utility costs without any major changes in usage could mean efficiency problems.

If you notice these signs, reach out to our West Chicago team at G & R Heating and Air for prompt service!

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